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2024-07-15 02:30:54pm

News Publishing - Article Directory Script

An article management system with extensive features, including an admin panel, complete smarty template system, SEO friendly URLs, Google AdSense integration, rating system, comments system, add to favorites feature, following users feature, unlimited categories and subcategories, Facebook login and more.
1. Free lifetime updates
2. Simple "one step" installation
3. Easily editable template
4. SEO friendly URLs
5. Add to / remove from favorites feature
6. Add / edit / delete listing from admin panel
7. Responsive site design optimised for all mobile devices and tablets
8. Free installation
9. Unlimited categories and subcategories
10. Microdata enabled
11. RSS feeds enabled
12. Login with Facebook
13. Simple Newsletter
14. Ability to approve items before publication
15. Maximum characters users can write into description field
16. Other admin features: Announcement, Google Adsense Google Analytics, Optimise Database, Clear Cache, Edit pages: Privacy, Terms of use, About us
17. Other user features: Add, delete, edit articles, Change profile picture, Change email address, Change password, Password recovery, Comments and replies, Edit, delete comments and replies and more..

Our secure payment processing is handled by BMT Micro, fast, easy to use and secure payment processor. When the checkout is finished, you will receive an e-mail with download link to software.

Installation Instructions:
1. Unpack the package.
2. Upload all files to your web server.
3. Point your browser to setup.php and follow the instructions given.
4. If installation was successful, delete setup.php file.

About: An article is a text that presents the personal position of a journalist, an analyst or a thinker (even of a certain group of authors), regarding a certain event, problem, current issue, of general or historical interest. Through these texts it is often intended to influence the opinion of the people.
PHP Article Directory Script